Need Bend Oregon Life Insurance?

Bend Oregon Life Insurance

Bend Oregon Life Insurance is something that everyone should have, especially if you’re over the age of 18 because having life insurance is the responsible thing to do since it will protect your loved financially so they won’t have to pay your final expenses and so much more but what are the other reasons you should buy Bend Oregon Life Insurance?

Reasons to Buy Bend Oregon life Insurance

  1. Cover your children’s expenses – If your kids are still in the home you should have a Bend Oregon Life Insurance policy to cover their expenses especially if you want your children to go to college and get a quality education.
  2. Replace your spouse’s income – Let’s say that your spouse passes away at a young age; having Bend Oregon Life Insurance will temporarily replace their income and provide you with enough of a financial “cushion” to readjust financially and start over.
  3. Pay off debts – Another benefit of having a Bend Oregon Life insurance policy is that you can also use it to pay off any debts that you or your spouse may have acquired during life just so you won’t be faced with having to sell your home or other assets in order for you to stay solvent.
  4. Buy out your business partner’s shares in your business – Bend Oregon Life Insurance is another huge asset, especially for business owners because, you can get life insurance on your business partners side and use the cash following their death to pay off their shares or obligations without having to shut down the company.
  5. Pay off estate taxes – Another nice benefit of having Bend Oregon Life Insurance is that you can use the money from the policy to pay estate taxes since most estate taxes can be very steep and cut into the funds that may have been intended for retirement.

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How Much Bend Oregon Life Insurance Should You Buy?

Not sure about how much Life Insurance you will need? No problem! Our team of life insurance experts has the answers you need and we can help you get the best life insurance policy for your age and where you are in life.

Do You Already Have Bend Oregon Life Insurance?

Even though you may already have life insurance in Bend, the chances are that your needs have changed since you first opened your original policy and you don’t have enough coverage.

Instead of spending another year without enough life insurance let us do a free life insurance assessment and we will provide you with honest feedback just so you will know if you should open another policy or stick with the one that you have.

Don’t Live Without Bend Oregon Life Insurance

Regardless of your job, age or goals in life, Life Insurance is the responsible thing to have and it literally costs less than most mobile phone, Internet, cable television or other services.

To get an affordable Bend Oregon Life Insurance quote contact us today by calling (541) 318-8835.

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Types of Life Insurance Explained

Are you not sure what type of Bend Oregon Life Insurance you should buy? If so, here’s a breakdown of the different types of life insurance that are available today:

Term Life Insurance

This form of life insurance pays only when death occurs during the term of your policy which is 30 years.

If you’re interested in this form of Bend Oregon Life Insurance you will be pleased to know that there are two different term life insurance policy types that you can choose from.

Level Term – This means that the death benefit will stay the same during the duration of your life insurance policy.

Decreasing Term – With this type of life insurance policy you can expect the death benefit to drop year after year during the course of your policy’s term.

As of 2003 virtually, all life insurance policies worldwide were term life insurance policies.

Whole Life Policy

Another common Bend Oregon Life insurance policy you should consider is a whole life/permanent policy.

With this life insurance policy, you will be paid the entire death benefit when you die and the good thing is that even if you live to be age 100, the death benefit will be paid out.

There are different types of whole term life insurance, these include universal life, traditional life, and variable universal life.

Return of Premium Life Insurance

If you’re the type of person who wants a Bend Oregon Life Insurance policy where the money will be paid back to you at the end of the term then a return of premium policy may be for you since with this form of life insurance you will get the entire premium back if you live past the term of 20 years or 30 years.

As with any form of life insurance you should buy the right policy based on your current situation in life, especially if you just recently married or had children since many people typically neglect to update their life insurance policies after having kids and their heirs only realize that they didn’t have life insurance until after they passed.

Bend Oregon Life Insurance

Get Help Choosing the Right Life Insurance Policy

For help with choosing the right Bend Oregon Life Insurance policy contact us today at (541) 318-8835.