3 Myths about Buying Bend Oregon Life Insurance

Are you thinking about buying Bend Oregon Life Insurance but aren’t sure if you really need it or not? You’re not alone! Life insurance is something that most people think they don’t need until it’s too late and you shouldn’t let the following myths stop you from buying a life insurance policy.

Myth #1 – Your Health Is Great, You Don’t Need Bend Oregon Life Insurance

Although you may be in peak physical condition for your age and gender the reality is that nobody knows how long they are going to live, and a sudden death can easily cost your family or loved one’s tens of thousands of dollars since an average funeral and burial can cost $15,000 or more.

Myth #2 – You Have a “Safe” Job and Don’t Need to Buy a Life Insurance Policy

One of the biggest reasons why people don’t buy Bend Oregon Life Insurance is because they think that their jobs or careers are “safe” and they are concerned about dying due to a work-related accident or injury.

Sadly, more people die at home and on the way to work every year, even if they have a safe desk job, so it pays to have a Bend Oregon Life Insurance policy because even with a term life insurance policy you can have confidence that your spouse or loved ones will be able to handle your final expenses following your death and not be overburdened financially.

Bend Oregon Life Insurance

Myth #3 – You Don’t Have Kids and Don’t Plan on Starting a Family

Regardless if you don’t have kids or not, Bend Oregon Life Insurance is important because, it will provide your spouse or family members money in the event of your death that they can use to pay for your final expenses, pay off your debts and make sure that you don’t leave any unfinished business after you die.

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